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Thanks for stopping by. Our rolling submission window has been a huge success, and we are so very grateful to everyone one of you that has chosen to share your writing with us.

The window will be closing on July 13th, in preparation for opening our seasonal sub window.

Please check out our submission page for full details!

Humour Me has always been, and will always be free to read. However, it is not free to produce, from hosting costs to paying our amazing writers. We are looking to raise a minimum of £500 to make sure we can continue  to offer paid submission opportunities. The more money we raise, the more writers we can publish every month!

If you are in a position to make any contribution, please take a look at our Ko-Fi page where you can donate as little as £1! Any help would be greatly appreciated.

We will also have a revamped online store where you can get your hands on some exclusive merchandise as well as help us raise vital funds.

Thank you and Keep laughing,


Editor-in-chief and Founder

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