About us

Why a monthly comedy magazine?

It’s a valid question, one I’ve been asking myself constantly since this idea zipped its way into my brain. The first and simple reason is that I believe the world needs more laughter. You can never have enough laughter.

Take a moment. Think about your most precious memories, those nostalgic mental Polaroids you carry in your heart for when you need them. I’d wager that a lot of those memories feature laughter.

Laughter can’t solve the climate crisis. It can’t tackle a pandemic, or stop hate. So what can it do?

It can unite us through wonderful shared experience. A primal, raw release. When did you last laugh, I mean really laugh? The kind of laugh where tears stream down your cheeks, your stomach hurts and you desperately try to suck in breath as you succumb to the moment.

We could all use more of that, especially with the bizarre dystopian reality the world seems to currently occupy.

Humour Me was born because I want to make you laugh, and I want to give some wonderfully talented people a chance to do it. I hope you will join us.

Keep laughing,

Scott Richards